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ALLVOI (All Voice Over Internet) is a new internet calling service powered by WDT, offering the lowest rates in the industry, free equipment, and free in-network calling. ALLVOI is a high quality broadband calling service based in Chicago, IL that provides very cheap domestic and international rates and free in-network calling.

ALLVOI offering unlimited india calling for only $9.99/mo for first 3 months, $19.99/mo after.
Also you can make unlimited calls within USA, to Canada and more than 65 countries. With ALLVOI India plan you can make unlimited calls to India landline and India mobile.

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ALLVOI India Calling Plan

India Calling Plan
Special Offer
Unlimited World wide Calling $19.99/mo $9.99/mo for first 3 months - Unlimited calling to USA, Canada, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands
- Unlimited calling to India and over 65 free International calling destinations

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